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What is Nature120?


We are a group of educators and therapists who believe that children and adults thrive when they eat properly, breathe well, sleep soundly and engage nature in unstructured, open-ended, playful ways that shift perceptions of time from the calendar to the cycles of the earth and moon. We have been profoundly moved by our experiences sharing these practices with children from different racial, cultural, socio-economic and neurological backgrounds.

There is a growing body of research that supports what we have seen. (Here's a link to an article in Science Daily summarizing the growing body of evidence supporting the health benefits of being outdoors)When we open up opportunities for children to play safely without imposed structure in a natural setting, and we mindfully insert minimal, simple exercises to sharpen awareness around eating and breathing, we see them effortlessly soften, heal, connect, learn and grow. It’s breathtaking to witness.   

Children and adults can find their path towards fulfillment when their fundamental needs are met: healthy nutrition, respiration, and sleep and adequate time to explore and to play outside. This is Nature120’s hypothesis. The myriad of factors that interfere with these basic needs are vast and systemic; we think the ways to begin are simple. Feed simple, whole foods. Teach nasal breathing and proper postural alignment to support breath regulation. Find and release restrictions in the body that interfere with regulated breathing and sleeping. Simplify the schedule. Unplug. Get outside and play. The body, mind and spirit will know what to do.

These basic needs cross racial, socio-economic and neurological divides. Children of all backgrounds have a right to nutritious food, healthy respiration, sound sleep and unstructured, safe play outside. We are committed to finding the resources necessary to provide all kids with an opportunity to eat, breathe and sleep well and play in nature. We have also noticed that unstructured play in the great outdoors is an incredible equalizer. Regardless of background or abilities, children play in a remarkably symbiotic way when left to their own devices in a prairie, forest, river or field. 


For individuals and/or institutions

Seasonal offering:

Nature 120 offers half and full day nature excursions on site or in the community that pair wellness practices with child-led seasonal play:

  • Spring: Breathing

  • Summer: Playing

  • Fall: Eating

  • Winter: Resting

Moon Cycle Offerings:

Nature 120's half or full day Moon Cycle experiences use the cycles of the moon as a guide for teaching wellness practices and child-led project based academics, vocational training and art/music based on the principles of waxing and waning. 

Nature Playscape Design Services

Before and After

Nature120 can help you re-imagine and reclaim backyards and urban/suburban spaces for nature play and wellness. We work with the needs of our clients and the contours of the landscape to build inviting spaces for nature play and wellness. We specialize in semi-public/semi-private spaces. Let us help your clinic, practice, or school reclaim a corner, a courtyard, or backyard for nature and nature play! 

Transforming your home or work space into a nature playscape

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