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About Us

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Jodi Walker, MA, CCC-SLP, COM, CYT
Speech-Language Pathologist 

Jodi is a neurodivergent speech-language pathologist and certified orofacial myologist with 29 years of experience working with children and adults. She is certified yoga instructor. Jodi is the primary oro-facial myologist for Dr. Kevin Boyd, DDS. Jodi specializes in the following areas:

Neurodiverse affirming care

Oro-facial myology: Certified orofacial myologist

Infant feeding and tongue ties

Cessation of thumb sucking and other oral habits

Breathing reeducation via Buteyko breathing program

John Barnes Myofascial Release 

Postural and alignment work via yoga

Motor speech and apraxia: PROMPT certified

Patient directed interventions with neurodivergent individuals

Strength based treatment/functional life skills/targeting fulfillment  

Nature-based treatment with an emphasis on joy

Jodi also provides wellness coaching for adults including postural/alignment work, yoga private lessons, elimination of oral habits, improving cranio-facial-respiratory health, etc. and outdoor unstructured play experiences for children and families. 


Max Doman, MS, CCC-SLP, PC

Speech-Language Pathologist 

Max received his professional license from ASHA in June 2018 and has been working with Jodi since 2017. He has completed additional specialized training courses, including: Introduction to Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy,  PROMPT Certification and Gestalt Language Processing. Max has extensive experience in the use of Assistive and Alternative Communication, guiding integrated play groups and Nature imbedded Neurodiverse Affirming Care.


Colleen Burke, MA, CF-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist


Hi everybody! I’m Colleen and I grew up in Rochester, NY with my older sister, younger brother, and parents. Some of my happiest memories from childhood include collecting potato bugs and toads in my yard, spending a week every summer hiking the green mountains of Vermont (while collecting more toads, frogs, salamanders), and feeding the birds with my grandma in the beautiful glacially formed park in my hometown. My youth was formed by my time outside in nature and my high school years were formed by the surprise addition to my family with my new baby brother. I spent a lot of time watching him grow and fell in love playing with him at all ages. By the end of high school it was time to choose a career and I couldn’t imagine doing anything that didn’t involve helping children to grow and sharing in the same joy that so many helped bring to my childhood. So I headed to a very special place in my heart- Buffalo, NY, and spent the next 6 years studying Speech-Language Pathology at the University at Buffalo. I finally made it to the end of that journey in May 2023 by receiving my Master of Arts in Communication Disorders and Sciences. In June, I made the move to start my next adventure in Chicago and was so lucky to find my first job as a new graduate that incorporates play and nature into therapy. I’m looking forward to continuing my learning and meeting so many amazing families! 


Brooke Schedler

Therapy Assistant and billing


Brooke grew up on the south side of Chicago and received her bachelor's degree in business management from Augustana College.  She moved to Oak Park in 2012 with her husband and then, 2 year-old son. Later that year she had her second son, who has special needs.  He has been with Ms. Jodi for years and is an active participant in almost all of our nature groups!  Brooke started doing part-time billing for Center for Svedhyaya in 2019 and now helps out with some of our groups as well.  In addition to her work with Center for Svedhyaya, Brooke and her husband own a small, local brewery.  In her free time, she loves spending time in nature and with family and friends.  She also enjoys music, fishing, making crafts with her kids and catching a White Sox game when possible.


Mr. Jim

Therapy Assistant

Jim Basten has come out of his retirement to find a new career as a therapy assistant. He is a presence of light and love in our practice and donates his time to the work. He cannot believe that after years of laboring outside he is choosing to spend time traipsing around after children outdoors yet here he is and he loves it.


Aunt M

Therapy Assistant


Maureen Meyer (Aunt M) found her way to Center for Svedhyaya Therapy Services through her sister, Jodi Walker. Prior to her conversion to nature lover, she was an office dweller and had a career as a CPA in the finance sector. A long, circuitous path led her from the world of finance to living in Australia and completing a Master’s in International Social Development, to embarking on the “original” non-profit career of Full-Time Parent, to volunteering and serving on Boards for non-profits working with children and families, to becoming a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, and to singing with DePaul Community Chorus, her Trio Mother May I, and – when she’s lucky – with her sister Jodi. As a recovering CPA, Maureen is extremely grateful for the opportunity to play and explore with your children in nature. You will find her singing, dancing and immersed in make-believe at all times!


Whitney Brooks

Therapy Assistant


I joined Center for Svedhyaya in June of 2023.  I first started taking an interest in nature when we were all in lockdown during the summer of 2020 when there wasn’t much else to do but spend time outside. Now I’m trying my hand at keeping some houseplants, gardening, raising monarch butterflies, and even birding. One of my children is an avid birder and photographer, which has led me to a hobby of amateur nature photography! I also work as a preschool teacher in a nature-based program, and as a community ambassador for a local early childhood non-profit organization. Additionally, I also serve on the Family Advisory Committee for the Illinois Early Learning Council. As a neurodivergent person and the parent of an autistic child, I am deeply passionate about disability advocacy and the importance of neuro-affirming care for children.
Lastly, I'm a big kid at heart who loves all the nerdy things. In my spare time I enjoy reading, watching movies and TV, and playing video games.


Littia Adams

Therapy Assistant

I love being myself while helping others. I love being a mom and making people smile. I love learning and teaching others what I know. 

Littia has been a wonderful addition to our therapy team and is particularly gifted at building connections with our non-speaking friends. We are so grateful to have her has part of the community!

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