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What are the doshas? 

According to the principle of constitution of the physical body in ayurveda, one of the three vital bioenergies (vatapittakapha) condensed from the five elements; the doshas are 

responsible for the physical and emotional tendencies in the mind and body, and along 

with the seven dhatus (tissues) and three malas (waste products) make up the human body

The attributes of the doshas and their specific combination within each individual help 

determine the individual's physical and mental characteristics, while imbalance 

among the doshas is the cause of disease.

Dorland's Medical Dictionary for Health Consumers. © 2007 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier, Inc. All rights reserved.

Dosha Questionnaire (adapted by Jodi Walker)

Use a piece of paper to write down your letter answers. Bring the paper into Miss Jodi and we can start talking doshas!

1. Which weather bothers you the most?

           a) windy and cold

           b) extremely hot

           c) wet and cold

2. Your friend is really late for a playdate. How do you feel?

           a) worried

           b) mad

           c) OK with waiting

3. When you are angry do you:

           a) get mad fast but then calm down fast?

           b) keep your mad feelings inside but then have a big explosion, maybe saying things you don't mean?

           c) feel uncomfortable and try to calm down right away?

4. When you re in PE/gym class or playing sports do you:

           a) get tired quickly?

           b) get tired after a while?

           c) take a really long time to get tired?

5. Do you:

           a) wake up during the night sometimes?

           b) sleep through the night and wake up ready to go?

           c) sleep a lot and feel groggy when you wake up?

6. Do you:

           a) fall asleep late and wake up early?

           b) fall asleep on time and wake up on time?

           c) need lots of sleep to feel rested?

7. Is your body shaped most like a:

           a) string bean?

           b) cucumber?

           c) cantaloupe?

8. Does your grownup:

           a) try to get you to eat more?

           b) not talk too much about how much you eat?

           c) remind you to stop eating when you are full?

9. Do you:

           a) change your mind a lot?

           b) stick hard to a decision and then try to do it right away?

           c) take a long time to make up your mind?

10. Do you:

           a) forget stuff or remember it wrong?

           b) remember stuff pretty well?

           c) remember everything?

11. When you are at a birthday party or out on the playground do you feel:

           a) excited and cheerful?

           b) ready and raring to go?

           c) calm and relaxed?

12. When you are playing or talking in a group of kids do you feel:

           a) flexible?

           b) determined?

           c) easygoing?

13. Do you move like a:

           a) rabbit?

           b) cat?

           c) turtle?

14. Do you:

           a) eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full?

           b) eat at the same time every day and feel really hungry and grumpy if you can't?

           c) always feel hungry but only for a little bit of food at a time?

15. Do you:

           a) love to talk and find it hard to be be quiet?

           b) say exactly what you are thinking?

           c) sometimes hold back what you are thinking?

16. Are you thirsty:

           a) at all different times?

           b) all the time?

           c) hardly ever?

17. Do your feelings:

           a) change quickly?

           b) come on really strong?

           c) feel pretty easygoing most of the time?

18. Do you feel:

           a) sudden bursts of energy?

           b) steady energy all day?

           c) calm and relaxed and a little sleepy most of the day?

19. Do you walk:

           a) quickly?

           b) like you know where you are going?

           c) slowly?

20. Do you:

           a) like to start projects but have trouble finishing them?

           b) hate to waste time and like to work hard until something is done?

           c) work at a slow and careful pace?

21. Do you like to work:

           a) on our own?

           b) with a group when you are the leader?

           c) as part of a team?

22. Which is truest for you?

           a) My bones get tired and my muscles get sore.

           b) I get stomach aches/flus.

           c) I get colds.

23. Which is truest for you?

           a) My skin gets really dry.

           b) I have moles and freckles and I get rashes.

           c) My skin is moist and soft.

24. Do you:

           a) have a lot of gas and constipation?

           b) have diarrhea?

           c) rarely have an upset tummy?

25. Do you find that you:

           a) don't get sweaty that much?

           b) get super sweaty?

           c) get sweaty here and there?

Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy is the "neuromuscular re-education or re-patterning of the oral and facial muscles." The therapy includes facial and tongue exercises and behavior modification techniques to promote proper tongue position, improved breathing, chewing, and swallowing.


Max and Jodi have training in myofunctional therapy and the Buteyko breathing exercise program. Jodi is also a certified yoga instructor. She provides myofunctional therapy and wellness coaching targeting sleep hygiene, postural and facial alignment and habit cessation/formation for health and wellness for children, adults and families.

Tongue Clicks
 Lip Stretches
Monkey Lip and Warm Air
Frenectomy Prep
Carrot Pop
Molar chew
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